Спиењето е важно. Треба да имаме 7 до 9 часа спиење во ноќта. Тоа го подобрува нашето здравје, нашето расположение односно прави да се чувствуваме убаво. Новата advanced sleep monitoring функција во Garmin Connect ви дава преглед колку спиете, колку во лесен сон, колку во длабок и колку во REM фаза на сон.

Со новата верзија advanced sleep monitoring, мерењата се уште попрецизни од претходната.

Изберете го Вашиот GARMIN часовник и имајте ги сите информации од рака!

GARMIN ги објаснува фазите и методологијата.

The Stages
In a normal night of sleep, you will cycle through the different sleep stages: light sleep, deep sleep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

The first stage is light sleep. Your eye movements and muscle activity start to slow down as your body prepares for deep sleep. This stage of sleep helps with relaxation.

The next stage is deep sleep, in which your eye and muscle movements stop completely, and your heart rate and breathing slow down. Your body goes into restoration mode, helping with recovery, building bone and muscle, and boosting your immune system.

Last in the sleep cycle is REM sleep, which cycles from short bursts to longer stretches as you leave deep sleep Viagra. This is the dreaming stage, when your brain is almost as active as when you’re awake. REM sleep is important for forming memories and processing information.

The Measurements
In the past, Garmin devices only used movement and heart rate to analyze your sleep. With this update, if you have a compatible watch*, we’re using additional data — such as heart rate variability — to better measure your time awake and time spent in each sleep stage.

Make sure your compatible watch is set as your preferred activity tracker. For the best reading, make sure your watch is on securely — but comfortably — a few hours before bed and the whole time you’re asleep.

*Работи со: vívoactive® 3Forerunner® 645Forerunner® 935vívosport™vívosmart® 3vívomove® HRvivoactive 3 MusicForerunner 645 Music, fēnix® 5 and fēnix® 5 Plus.

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