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5 фактори кои влијаат на Вашата body battery

The more you use your smartphone, the faster the battery will be empty. Our body works the same way. The more stressful and active your life is, the faster the reserves in the body will be used up.

With our Body Battery, which is supported by Firstbeat Analytics, you can monitor at any time how much energy your body still has in the tank. It offers you the opportunity to easily combine the factors between stress, relaxation, sleep and physical activity. The higher the value (0-100), the better you can concentrate on possible challenges at this moment, overcome them and then recover from them.

When you sleep or relax, your body battery refills. On the other hand, physical activity and stress, be it positive or negative, are responsible for depleting your body’s reserves and reducing its resistance.

The knowledge behind the Body Battery is based on Firstbeat’s ability to interpret changes in your heart from beat to beat, thereby uncovering the interplay between sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digestion) branches of your autonomic nervous system.

By combining stress, relaxation and sleep with the physiological effects of physical activity, the Body Battery provides you with insights into your body’s reactions to life’s challenges.

The body is made to use it

Your smartphone is made to use it. There’s no point in extending battery life when you’re not using it. The same goes for your body. It is designed to be used, and both mental and physical stress are good for you – up to a point.

However, a healthy attitude towards life does not mean that your body battery has to be full all day. You should lose weight throughout the day.

When your body battery is charged, look for opportunities, activities and tasks to challenge it. Use your energy to get things done with great confidence. Trust in the power of a good sleep to charge your body battery overnight.

It goes without saying that we all have different types of responsibilities, jobs and interests, and our mental and physical resources are limited. Body Battery helps you identify critical points in order to be able to make small changes and thus optimize your performance and concentrate on the essentials.

  1. The Body Battery is usually charged overnight
  2. The body battery discharges during the working day and evening training
  3. A good night’s sleep charges the Body Battery efficiently overnight
  4. A particularly stressful working day followed by a challenging workout will discharge the body battery
  5. Excessive exposure throughout the day will reduce the effectiveness of overnight charging
  6. An afternoon nap brings a boost
  7. A relaxed day slows down discharge during the day and improves the ability to recharge at night
  8. Drinking alcohol
  9. The breakdown of alcohol in the body impairs regeneration and reduces the ability of the body battery to fully recharge.

Five reasons why your body battery is telling you it’s getting empty

There is nothing wrong with discharging the Body Battery occasionally, especially if you know exactly why it is going out. Keep in mind, however, that in this situation, it is time to make a change in your daily routines and lifestyle. Here are five areas worth exploring.

1. Your daily routines are extremely challenging

General stress is important. If you have a strenuous day at work, want to pick up the children quickly and then do an intensive workout, the body battery is probably completely empty before bed. It is important to know that things that feel good can drain your body battery. Playing with the kids or going to a rock concert are great activities, but they can also be surprisingly exhausting.

2. Bad sleep

A good night’s sleep is the best opportunity to charge the Body Battery to its maximum capacity. For the entire course of the day, it makes a big difference whether you sleep until 9 a.m. or 6 a.m. Improving your bedtime and making better sleep choices can have a huge impact on your body battery.

3. Your fitness level does not match your activities

The better you are in shape, the more physical and mental stress you can handle. As a defining metric for cardiorespiratory fitness, your VO2 max is the key factor here. If you’re in good shape, a brisk walk will have minimal impact on your body battery. However, if you’re not in that great shape, it can already lead to a major drop. The higher your maximum VO2 fitness level, the more vigorous your physical activity without putting too much strain on the body battery.

The same goes for mental stress. Better cardiorespiratory fitness is associated with a better ability to cope with stress and reduced burnout symptoms (Gerber et al., 2013). Fit people also experience less stress during working hours and better recovery at night (Teisala et al., 2014).

So when you exercise, your body battery will discharge. But regular exercise, in the right amount, bears fruit and extends the life of your body battery in the long term.

4. You drink alcohol

Alcohol is a major stress factor for the body. The process of breaking down the alcohol in your body drains your body battery faster and also worsens the quality of sleep, which is important for recovery. This process significantly slows down charging. A recent study shows that a single alcoholic drink can negatively affect your restorative sleep quality (Pietilä et al., 2018). Skipping an evening nightcap is an easy way to improve your recharge skills through the night.

5. You are unique

There is some degree of individual variation in dealing with stress and types of activities and situations that we find stressful. After a day at work, your body battery may be completely empty, while another person’s body battery may be half full. Similarly, driving a car, for example, can be a major stress factor for a person, causing your body battery to drain accordingly. For another person, however, driving a car can be a relaxing moment that leads to the body battery even charging a little.

Body Battery ™ provides insights into your own coping skills, helps you balance stress and relaxation, and makes it easier for you to make better sleep, work and exercise decisions.


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